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Watch the Video Below to Get Our Game Changing 3 Part Marketing Framework We Use for Our Clients!

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What Do We Do?

We are a unique marketing agency that specializes in generating new clients for your business. We use Facebook Ads, SEO, Google Adwords, and E-mail marketing to generate qualified leads and then send those leads directly to you.

What Do You Need Help With?

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ad Management & Services

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Google Adwords
Google Adwords Managment

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SEO Services & Website Promotion

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Marketing Consulting
Marketing & Business Consulting

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Who Do We Help?

We help doctors, small business owners, Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, brands, and consultants improve their marketing so that they can generate more leads and customers effectively!

Client Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials from some of my clients. As you can tell, they're really happy with the results I got for them!

Dr. Mooney
Dr. Alberto Mooney

"In a week, he's basically made us $3,000! He has done a great job for us and we are definitely sticking with him. Thumbs up to Jack!"

Dr. Grason
Dr. Margaux Grason

"I was very very impressed with Jack's performance. If you are a new dentist and you need new patients quickly, I highly suggest going with Jack!"

Dr. Albareedi
Dr. Said Albareedi

"He did a good job! We got quite a few leads through Facebook so I can definitely and with no hesitation recommend Jack!"

Bijal Chhadva
Bijal Chhadva
Software Developer

"He got me 3 customers and they ended up paying $53,000 in total! I have so much more business now!!! This is thanks to the marketing efforts of Jack Lazar."

Patrick Cook
Patrick Cook
Business Owner

"In 4 days, spending less that $60 on Facebook, Jack Lazar has been awesome! He's brought me 10 clients. I'm pretty amazed by the results!"

Luca Papini
Luca Papini
Business Owner

"He was able to build some Facebook ads that really reached out to new customers and also helped us build our brand. Thank you Jack!"

Case Studies

Below are three case studies from three different industries where I brought my clients a massive return on their investment!

Sweet Tooth Dentistry

Dr. Margaux opened her practice and needed some new patients quickly. I created a couple of great offers which helped her get a total of 52 leads in 10 days! 10 became new patients!

Tampa Rehab & Chiropractic

Dr. Mooney hired me to help generate new leads for his chiropractic clinic. In the past three months, I’ve brought him 210 new leads and $38,523 in additional revenue!

Orthodontic Specialty Center

Dr. Ablbareedi had no social media presence. I built a Facebook page for his business and I am generating 30-40 orthodontic leads a month for him using Facebook ads.

How Can We Help You?

I would love to talk to you about your business and how I can help you grow it using our lead generation services. Just click on the orange button below!